IT security compliance audits can be sprung up on your company when you least expect it. Worse than that is if you are out of compliance at the time of a breach, the fines are crippling and the non-financial costs, immeasurable. Omnilab's gets it right the first time!

We deploy PCI Qualified Security Assessors, CISSPs, and Governance Risk and Compliance specialists with a granular knowledge of our client's industry-specific mandates and through this we've established a reputation of frequently uncovering compliance deficiencies that were previously overlooked, and we are proud of that.


  • An accurate view into your organization’s current benchmark for compliance
  • Complete view into your IT infrastructure, environment, policies and procedures
  • Identified gaps scored by criticality and severity
  • Remediation plans that are prioritized to correct critical and severe compliance gaps
  • Risk appetite analysis based on risk acceptance vs. risk avoidance
  • Executive level / Board level presentations to obtain remediation approval or rejection decisions