Clear Objectives, Measurable Metrics, Absolute Accountability.

Globalization has changed the rules and by extension, the state of play. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) must now be able to stand up to both legal and regulatory scrutiny; requiring heavier weight to be placed on Due Diligence; originator Source Of Funds, and Beneficial Ownership which presents an entire paradigm shift that historically, has never been accounted for. It therefore makes sense that according to OECD statistics worldwide flows of FDI have recovered since the slump of 2009 but are still only at 2006 levels.

Economies continue to experience significant cuts in public sector expenditure with inevitable repercussions on IPA budgets. This means that they are forced to achieve more results with less resources. A global approach is vital to that success which increases how intensely locations compete to attract investment.

OmniLabs is an elite advisory firm in the field of FDI. We leverage our Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) between a parent company HQ, operational management in the overseas subsidiary/branch/representative office, and relevant regulatory and legal entities to successfully work with countries, regions, cities and private-sector organizations around the world in attracting sophisticated capital to ensure long term success of international business expansion.

We specialize in the attraction of FDI by:

  • Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA).
  • Export Promotion Agencies (EPA).
  • Other government agencies (OGA).
  • Private Equity Firms(PE).
  • Venture Capitals (VC).
  • Free Trade Zones and Industrial Parks from all parts of the world.

Ultimately, our model enables clients to own their own roadmap to success by creating actionable and measurable strategies, aligning the entire organization around them, and gauging the progress against them.

Our success is measured by solutions that create business value.