Ensuring Enterprise Resilience

Risks are constantly evolving, and your data is only ever one click away from being compromised. Lack of clarity of where your business is vulnerable to those risks IS the difference between having a seat at the table, OR being what’s for dinner.

Drawing from our road-tested NSA best practices, OmniLabs evaluates risks to your organization’s information systems and identifies gaps in your organization’s policies and procedures. Our advisory reports contain a matrix of all your specific regulatory requirements calibrated to your organization’s risk appetite, policies and procedures. Implementation maturity scores are provided for each requirement, and all low maturity items typically have accompanying recommendations that include references to helpful implementation resources.

Service Include:

  • Compliance and Strategy
  • Threat Management
  • Risk Reduction
  • Attack Simulation

Reports are only as good as the action plan to execute them, therefore report findings are summarized into an action plan to provide your organization with a prioritized checklist for addressing any low maturity items such as: privacy policies, procedures, and organization accountability practices.

Ultimately, our model enables clients to own their own roadmap to success by creating actionable and measurable strategies, aligning the entire organization around them, and gauging the progress against them.

Our success is measured by solutions that create business value.